I cannot be elected without help. That means I need you!

I am open to any assistance afforded me. To facilitate volunteers, I set up this page. Here is where you can join this campaign, allowing me to reach you directly. Please feel free to join — once you are in, any further information you choose to provide helps me in managing volunteers.

If choosing not to join this campaign directly, simply reach out.

Ways you might volunteer

Share and promote this campaign in social media
Share your expertise on issues facing the City
Help introduce me to community leaders
Hit the streets and canvas neighborhoods
Donate or help raise money to finance this effort
Put a sign in your home or business window
Set up a campaign booth at events
Apply a bumper sticker to your car
Help organize or attend fundraisers
Host meet-and-greets
Help with phone banking
Make yourself available for whatever may come!

I sincerely thank you for any help you might provide

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